Today my wife comes home with an box of salt and vinegar crickets.That’s right I said CRICKETS..Four many of who really don’t know me…I will try just about anything once..I am a huge fan of Andrew Zimmern and would love to have his job.At this point I’m still in shock that my wife and kids brought me home Crickets.

Ingredients….Crickets,Lactose,Sodium Diacetate,Salt, Malic Acid, Citris Acid,Vinegar Powder,(Maltro-Dextrin,Modified Food Starch,Vinegar Solids) Silicon Dioxide Added to prevent clumping…

I really did not know what expect with these little beauties so in the mouth they go…Surprisingly the first thing I did NOT taste was vinegar.Salt was there and so was the crunch.The best way to describe the taste here would be compare it to the outside of a peanut. Not the shell but the thin skin that you peel off right before you get to the nut.Very dry really no taste at all. The legs of the cricket where really to small to taste.After putting the whole bag of legs in my mouth i picked up more on the vinegar.Not really sure why but I did enjoy the legs more than the body.I have to say that overall this was not a bad experience and I am looking forward to trying many more of there products…..

If anyone is interested in sampling some of there product they can be found here