I was at Trader Joe’s grocery store and found Thai Lime and Chili Cashews. When you first open the bag and stick your nose in and take a whiff, you get a smell of the cashew nuts. There really is not a strong smell of the other spices on the nuts.

The nuts are well covered with spices and look very good. Here is the list of ingredients.
Cashews, roasted Thai lime leaves, lemon grass, and Thai lime seasoning, (salt, sugar, lime, paprika and spices[lemon grass, Thai lime, and chili]), salt, rice bran oil.

I eat limes almost every day, so I did not notice a strong lime flavor, but my wife did notice it. I did notice after eating the nuts a lingering lime flavor in the back of my mouth. When you first eat these, the flavors are not really strong and you get a good taste of the cashews, but then the heat comes. For people like me who can eat heat, I would give the heat level about a 2 out of 10, 10 being the hottest. My wife said it would be about a 5.

The heat lingers with you after eating the nuts and leaves a slight burn in your throat. I really like these nuts and will buy them again. They really are a break from the plain nuts or the usual honey-roasted. I made a spicy cashew brittle with these nuts and boy that was good, it really brought out some of the heat.