This sauce is labeled medium and produced for R.B. Foods Inc. out of Corpus Christi, TX.

This jar was given to me to try, but I have seen it on the shelf at Marketplace Foods, that is a grocery franchise (that I know of) in Minn./WI.

Label; Pretty much straight forward with the state outline with a star, anyone in the U.S. would know where this came from.

Ingredients; water, vinegar, cottonseed oil, cayenne pepper, modified food starch, crushed red pepper, chile powder, xanthan gum & FD&C red #40

3.5 g’s fat per oz. 1 g saterated fat & 400 mg sodium per serving.

 Color has the red of most wing sauces with the appearance and texture of a nice flowing sauce with obvious pieces of crushed peppers with specs of the cayenne & chile powder that were powdered form.

 Aroma; pretty much pre-dominant of vinegar but you can smell the peppers in the mix.

 Tasting straight up; just like the aroma, vinegar with cayenne flavor & a bonus of the crushed peppers.

Heat; for a medium this isn’t bad, it’s got the bite with a little brow sweat & still leaves you the ability to eat what you want without worrying about touching skin & getting residual burns.

 On the wings; the wing prep was deep fried, baked in oven for a finish then tossed in a bowl with the sauce and returned to the oven for a few more minutes.

 Overall; this is a good average wing sauce with simple aspects of ingredients,

the cling factor of sauce adhering to the wing was good & made eating enjoyable without a mess.

 This is a good 2.5 – 3.5 average sauce.

I can get it at the store, but if you would like to try this sauce you can call 210-240-4118. There is no website on the label.