The Coldani Olive Ranch located in Lodi California produces a high quality olive oil. The Lodi region has the same Mediterranean climate as the olive growing regions of Italy. When the olives are at their optimum fruit maturity they are picked and within hours they are pressed into oil. These olives are organic and sustainably produced. Today we are trying one of Coldani’s flavored olive oil. This oil is a unique blend of Koroneiki, Arbequina olives, and jalapenos. They are all pressed together to create a jalapeno flavored extra virgin olive oil. This oil has got our attention. We love extra virgin olive oil and jalapenos. We will taste this oil on a salad and also grill some fresh vegetables marinated with the Calivrigin Hot Virgin Jalapeno Olive Oil. Olive oil is a healthy choice of oil. When you toss is some jalapenos, what more could a Chilihead want? Let’s give it a try.


The ingredient list is short and simple: “Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Jalapeno Peppers”

 Aroma & Texture:

This olive oil is unfiltered but still is clear and a vibrant yellow color. The aromatic smell of fruit and grass was our first impression. We gave it another whiff and we did smell jalapenos.


I really like this label and bottle. It is a dark green colored 8.45 ounce thin, sleek bottle. The label has an eye catching graphic of a flaming jalapeno. This is a slick combination that sings quality. This bottle defiantly grabs my attention.


Jalapeno with butter and a pepper finish is what I tasted. The jalapeno flavor was fresh, not overpowering but assertive. The heat from jalapeno does not distract. The oil is of high quality by its viscosity and flavor on the tongue. This flavored oil should be a flavor bomb on some food.


The label states hot. This may be misleading because this jalapeno is more about the flavor. The heat level is very low and will only tip the heat meter ½ star out of 5.



We marinated some broccoli and mushrooms with our flavored oil, garlic and balsamic vinegar. This mixture was cooked in a grill basket over a hot mesquite charcoal fire. These vegetables turned out delicious. The oil and vinegar was a tasty combination. The jalapeno flavor was lost possibly because of the heat of the fire. I should have known that when you use high heat with extra virgin olive oil you will lose some of its aromatic qualities.



A salad of avocado and lettuce was next on the plate. This was the perfect vehicle to showcase the oils flavors. Avocado and jalapeno flavored oil was a winning combination. This oil is a jalapeno lover’s delight. This oil is perfect to add to your salad dressings or finish a dish.




Do you love jalapenos? Do you love extra virgin olive oil?  The Coldani Olive Ranch has combined these two ingredients to create a wonderful, flavorful oil. This oil is perfect to finish a dish. A drizzle of this oil will add another flavor dimension to your dishes. Salad dressings made with this oil will add a jalapeno flavor that will shine. Quality olive oil and jalapenos makes for flavored oil that we love. Throw in the bonus that olive oil is healthy for you and we are sold on Calivirgin Hot Virgin Olive Oil.

 Calivirgin Hot Virgin Olive Oil