ghost and Pineapple

We are visiting the farmers market in Central Pennsylvania to sample some hot sauce from ‘Sweet Heat Gourmet’ today. This sauce is a collaboration from Shellie, culinary arts trained, and pepper farmers; “Exotic Peppers”. Shellie has blended the infamous Ghost peppers and sweet pineapple to create a sweet hot mixture. Farmer’s markets are very important in my life. The use of local ingredients is smart and tasty. Their tag line is: “Meet Your Farmers”. Let’s meet “Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Sauce”. A ‘Porkapalooza’ tasting will be held with bacon wrapped jalapeno thrown in for good luck.


Pineapple, onion, vinegar, bhut jolokia peppers, carrots, raisins, fresh lime juice, garlic and spices are the listed ingredients.

Aroma & Texture;

This is a thick orange puree. Pulp and flecks of peppers are present. Pineapple and vinegar are predominate smells when you pop the top.


Fresh pineapple that pops with sweet flavor followed by a wonderful heat blast is our impression. The lime juice accents the freshness of the pineapple. The sauce is not overly sweet by rasins, carrots and of course the pineapple. The pepper flavor will greet your senses with the second wave of taste sensations. The Bhut pepper blends with authority to the sweet ingredients.



The Bhut Jolokia pepper brings some great heat to this sauce. This heat is not for novice hot sauce users. The heat meter will tip to 3 stars out of 5 today.

pork chop and rice


We had a “Porkapalooza” tasting this week. Pork Chops and grilled pork loin made it to the table. Some jalapeno poppers will be thrown into the mix too.
The dart tournaments at our local watering hole have started. My wife, Ms. Goofy made some delicious bacon wrapped jalapeno poppers to bring to the tournament pot-luck. These are great snacks on there own right. With the addition of the “Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce these rich peppery snacks became irresistible. I made the decision to leave the bottle at home because I wanted the rest of the bottle for myself.
Pork Chops fried in our trusty black iron pan served with some cheesy broccoli rice would be the next treat. There was something about this combination that cried out ‘Wow, Joy & Satisfaction’. The savory pork chops with the sweet heat was a marriage made in heaven.
The smoked pork loin was leftover by the time our sauce shipment arrived. We sliced the roast for sandwiches. A little dollop was used as our sandwich condiment. Once again pork and this sauce are perfect. I love the heat. The sweet pineapple tames the flame and at the same time is very flavorful.

pork loin sandwich


Fantastic taste, great heat and a perfect match for pork sums up ‘Pineapple & Ghost Pepper Hot Sauce’. ‘Sweet Heat Gourmet’ has created this small batch sauce for your pleasure and especially ours. This sauce is for Chileheads that want to experience the burning pleasure of the ‘Ghost Pepper’. The sweet pineapple tames the flame for maximum enjoyment. The Chilebrown seal of approval is gladly given.

Sweet Heat Gourmet