meat rakes

Whenever the UPS driver stops at our house, excitement and happy anticipation of new tastes and products to come happens. Today was no exception, “The Meatrake was delivered. This is a BBQ tool that I am familiar with. I have seen it used numerous times at competitions but have personally never tried one. For those of you that are wondering just what a Meatrake is let’s start from the beginning. Cooking pork shoulder at a low and slow temperature will produce a falling apart hunk of meaty love. This moist and tender meat is usually shredded/pulled, apart. You do not want to use a knife to separate the meat because your hands or a fork will produce better results. Also the roast is piping hot. This is when the Meatrake steps in. This specialty tool is comfortably designed to fit in your hand with sharp metal prongs protruding from the end of the handle. These metal prongs dig into the meat and help pull apart your roast. Using both tools at the same time will shred a roast with ease. One of the best parts about giving this tool a try is we are going to have pulled pork for dinner tonight.

Shoulder on WSM

“The Meatrake” grip is made out of polypropylene which makes it dishwasher safe. The prongs are “304 stainless steel professional grade” and they are sharp. There is a bright orange protective cover to protect the tips and yourself during storage. The handle is ergonomically designed for ease of use. It will fit into your hand like a comfortable glove. You know I am getting hungry so let’s check the roast.


When cooking a shoulder on the smoker it can take up to 12 hours. It can be torturous and delightful all at the same time smelling this roast cooking. Our roast was finally done. It was time to shred. We put the roast in a pan and went to town. ‘The Meatrake” made quick work of this roast. When the meat was pulled in unison and opposite directions with the rakes, it made me wonder if I was using a power tool. You keep shredding until the desired consistency is achieved. It went so quick that I wish I had cooked another roast. This tool delivered as promised. No more burnt fingers, the ease of operation was simple and the clean-up will be a breeze.

pulled pork

‘The Meatrake’ would make a wonderful gift for your barbeque enthusiast. If you are a BBQ competitor this would make a great addition to your tool chest. This product makes it easy and fun to pull pork. If you are a caterer this is a must have item. “The Meatrake” will also do a great job with chicken and brisket. The best part about this review is we got to have pulled pork sandwiches for dinner tonight. Thankyou!

“The Meatrake”